Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Not The Camera

We photographers can often get caught up in The Gear Wars. Constantly chasing after more pixels, faster and better glass, newer and sexier cameras. I'm about to let go a big secret, so get ready.

Say this out loud, right now: "It's not the camera." Say it five times, ten times.

Instead of chasing the latest and greatest, many pros, and passionate amateurs looking to improve, will do themselves better by taking a class on composition, studying the works of others, going on a photography workshop and learning new techniques - anything along these lines, instead of buying the latest and greatest. I have a recent experience to prove this. A few weeks ago, I got an email from a gentleman who was asking about a few photos on my site, and could he purchase them? I moved our conversation to the telephone, and quickly found out he lived quite near me. He was interested in Metal Prints, that I have done at Bay Photo - could he come over and see some in person? Duh, sure! 30 minutes later, he's in my studio, looking at some of the giant Metal Prints I have hanging on my walls (8' wide, 6'x4', and the like). He loved them! That same day, he ordered thousands of dollars of prints from me. Here are some examples:

Several photos in the order were taken with an infrared-modified point-and-shoot camera, these were hand-held stitched panoramas, that printed up really well (and big!). One photo was printed at 24"x36" and was taken with an 8 megapixel Canon 20D years ago.
It's not the camera - it's how you use it, and how you print. Shameless plug for Bay Photo, who never disappoints in the quality department - and if you've not tried printing on Metal Prints, you really should.

Enjoy (it's not the camera) photography,

- Andy



  2. Great post Andy & I too have started to "disregard" the latest & greatest technology that's out there. All the best & hope you are well!